HYDAC offers a comprehensive range of products in hydraulics, electronic control technology, solenoid technology and control sensors as well as fluid sensors/condition monitoring and fluid control products. Discover the world of HYDAC products here.


M System supply electronic for M System Transmitter, M System Isolate&Convertor, M System Signal conditioners, M System limit alarms, M System power transducers, M System remote I/O devices, M System lightening surge protectors and other unique process control equipment. M SYSTEM (JAPAN) !!


APISTE offer various kind of Apiste air conditioner for Control box, Apiste Control panel, Server rack, Heat exchanger and Precision air conditioning system with a wide range of type such as Apiste Inner Lateral-Mount Type. New product from Apiste is Thermography(Thermal Viewer), Apiste FSV 700

ASK Pressure gauge

“ASK pressure gauge” offers pressure gauge such as ASK Pressure Gauge, ASK Glycerin pressure gauge (OPG), ASK Stainless Pressure gauge, Pressure Switch (BP-F8), High Pressure Switch (CE), Pressure Measurment, Flow Measurement, Level Gauge, Hydraulic Valve, Switching valve, Gauge valves. – ASK Pressure gauge(Japan)