SSI Shredding Systems

SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. was formed in January 1980 in Wilsonville, Oregon when the idea of mobile shredders was new. The company’s initial product offering was a self-contained mobile shredder used to provide contract shredding services to industrial and government organizations. Use of this service was instrumental in developing the military’s widespread use of mobile shredding.

POSTLE Hard facing wire

Postle Industries and Hardface Technologies, in business since 1969 with their Postalloy® Hardfacing and Hardbanding Products, offers a complete range of welding alloys designed to protect equipment and components from wear caused by abrasion, impact, metal-to-metal friction, erosion and cavitation.

King Air automation

KING AIR manufactures Overload Protector, Quick Die & Mold Change System, and Automatic Die Logistics Management System for more than 30 years. We not only implement the principles of knowledge, technique, and creativity to every product, and we also run after perfection of quality. Additionally, the perspective of not being content with what we have helps us actively develop more competitive products.

Takex Optonic

TAKENAKA OPTONIC Semiconductor laser projector that consolidated advanced laser technology. Green laser and blue violet laser, etc. are lineups.
It corresponds to a variegated field and the usage by abundant semiconductor laser products.