HIOS offers such as HIOS screwdriver (electric type); brushless type, HIOS brush screwdriver, HIOS power supply, HIOS screw driver bits and HIOS Torque meter, HP-100, HP-10. HIOS has specialized in the manufacture of screw tightening equipment(Electronic screwdriver, etc.) – HIOS !!


TOHNICHI supply variety of torque tool product; Tohnichi torque wrench, Tohnichi power torque tool, Tohnichi manual torque wrench and Tohnichi torque measuring tool.Tohnichi(Japan) have many catagories of products; Tohnichi Power torque tools, Tonichi torque driver, Torque wrench, Tester/Checker, Tohnichi torque meter, Force measurement Instrument, Optional equipments and Tohnichi accessories.Tohnichi major products comply with ISO 6789 CAL procedures.