Ultra Light Type

Ultra Light Type     • Recommend for the rewinding application. • Shaft is made of the high-strength carbon fibers. • The shaft weight is ultra light, approximately only quarter weight of regular air shaft. • Reduce the risk of worker injuries. • Meet regulations for single person lifting and reduce the time and man-hour…


M System supply electronic for M System Transmitter, M System Isolate&Convertor, M System Signal conditioners, M System limit alarms, M System power transducers, M System remote I/O devices, M System lightening surge protectors and other unique process control equipment. M SYSTEM (JAPAN) !!


APISTE offer various kind of Apiste air conditioner for Control box, Apiste Control panel, Server rack, Heat exchanger and Precision air conditioning system with a wide range of type such as Apiste Inner Lateral-Mount Type. New product from Apiste is Thermography(Thermal Viewer), Apiste FSV 700