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TAKEX Sensor | SEEKA Sensor

TAKEX SENSOR is sensor for detection in automation system,Takex sensor is existing name of Seeka sensor. From 2000 Seeka sensor change name to "TAKEX Sensor".Takex sensor are belong to Takenaka electronic(Japan). Its has been established for 50 years ago.Takex sensor are not have only Takex sensor but also Takex laser projector (LDU163L2, LDS163L2,L1122,etc.),Takex guidelight(laser center line) especially for tire manufacturing. Takex sensor & Seeka sensor

TAKEX SENSOR - List of sensors

- Takex Fiber optic sensor

- Takex Photo sensor

- Takex sensor Light curtain, Area sensor

- Takex Background suppression sensor

- Takex Ultrasonic sensor

- Takex AC/DC Photo sensor

- Takex sensor Marking

- Takex color sensor

- Takex controler sensor

- Takex sensor for special application

- Takex sensor for steel industry

>> Takex Laser projector

>> Takex sensor applications

Takex sensor background supression TAKEX SENSOR TAKEX Photo sensor Takex sensor_Ultrasonic sensorTakex sensor| Seeka SensorTakex Sensor_Light curtain sensor, Area sensorTakex sensor_Fiber amplifer


We are Takex sensor's Thailand distributor and not used or second-hand.More details about TAKEX SENSOR please contact us or visit TAKEX SENSOR website.









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