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Takex sensor : Hot Metal detector, Cold metal detector

Sensor For Steel industry

Takex Sensor 's the HMD (Hot Metal Detector) is a photoelectric sensor of the radiation photodetection type of the heat material that detects presence, and detects the position according to the receiving light of the infrared rays (heat ray) radiated from the heat material (scorching object). The transmitter is unnecessary.
It is a sensor that can be used under a severe use condition that heat, steam, and dust, etc. disperse like the ironworks and the heavy industry site, etc.. It is easy to handle this sensor by a small size, unnecessary cooling and using a fiber optic cable as receiver.


Hot Metal Detector

Hot Metal Detector

cold metal detector

Takex Sensor's the CMD (Cold Metal Detector) is composed of the transmitter and receiver. It is used even if the object temperature is high and under strong external light.

Laser type Cold Metal Detector

Cold Metal Detector

Fiber type High Power Sensor

High Power Sensor

Takex sensor's the punch hall detection sensor (weld point detector) detects the punch hall installed in the welding part of the coil (steel board) that runs continuously between the transmitter and the receiver.


Weld point Detector



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