the action of helping or doing work for someone.

1. System Integrator

T.J. Solution co.,ltd. is not only sale or trade automation products / machine spare part for maintenance ,repair and operation (MRO) but also we do system integrate for the customer who need customized machine or application solving by our the best solution. We implement Japanese system to improve a daily customer operation such as Kamban, Kaizen, Poka-Yoke, etc.Its using our products; sensor, measuring equipmetn, plc design programing. Also we could consult according to your standard such as ISO 9000, TS16949 and so on.

– Design & Drawing

Loctight MC Drawing_www.tjsolution.comLoctight MC

– Electrical wiring, Switch board, MDB, Outdoor cabinet

Wiring Loctight MC Out Door_Electric

– Jig & Fixture , Machining Job

  SCREW_Spring  PU_PE  Jig_Fixture for Jig_Fixture for automotive


Reference Projects (example)

Density Glass tube_Calibration

Density Glass tube Calibration instrument

Customer : National Institule of Metrology (Thailand) สถาบันมาตรวิทยาแห่งชาติ

Description : This machine use for measurement density glass tube to calibration service and reference with master glass.

Product : Laser diameter (LDM-210, LDM-303H-SP) and Precision feeding system

Budget : please call us

OD Measuring glass Rod_www.tjsolution.comOD Measuring glass Rod_www.tjsolution.comOD Measuring glass

3-axis measuring OD Glass Rod system.


Customer : Asahi Techno Glass (Thailand)

Description : This system use laser diameter(laser micrometer) to measure OD(outside diameter) of glass rod before cutting process with feed back controler.

Product : Laser diameter (LDM-110, LDM-304H-SP) x 3 sets and alarm system

Budget : please call us

OD Measuring Electric Glass

Measuring OD of fluorescent Glass Tube.

Customer : L.Electric Glass (L.Lighting Glass)

Description : This system use laser diameter(laser micrometer) measure OD of fluorescent glass tube and reject system when its out of tolerance setting.

Product : Laser diameter (LDM-110, LDM-304H-SP) and Shift reject controling system.

Budget : please call us

Turbine Wheel Assy MC_www.tjsolution.comTurbine Wheel Assy

Assymbly turbine wheel system (Pokayoke)

Customer : IHI TURBO (Thailand)

Existing Problem : Mixing turbine model when assy in Turbo bearing housing

Description : This system use laser diameter to detect each of turbine model and using PLC to control sequence of parts assymbly order.

Product : Laser diameter (LDM-110, LDM-303H-SP) and Pokayoke controling system.

Budget : please call us

OD_compressor Wheel

Compressor wheel sorting system

Customer : IHI TURBO (Thailand)

Existing Problem : Mixing of compressor wheel model after robot pick and place.

Description : This system use laser diameter to sorting of compressor wheel if its out of telerance. Program will be interlock to robot couldn’t do next process and alarm will loud.

Product : Laser diameter (LDM-110, LDM-304H) and Pokayoke controling system.

Budget : please call us

Vision Inspection_www.tjsolution.comVision Inspection

Machine Vision system to sepearte model

Customer : IHI TURBO (Thailand)

Existing Problem : Mixing of parts of turbo

Description : This system use machine vision system to detect and separte each model of parts before marking machine will mark label model on its.

Product : Cognex vision and programing controller system.

Budget : please call us

Toshiba(wire cleaning)

Wire Cleaning machine

Customer : N/A (not approve to inform name)

Description : This system use electrostatic to clean wire before post process.

Product : PLC, Electrostatic generator, control panel

Budget : please call us

2. Loaning Sample service

We provide loaning sample products to customer for testing on-site production line. It ensure that our products can work 100% when customer purchase from us.Moreover it can be replaced when the existing products are broken or damage.They don’t want to stop production line.

100% Productivity , No down-time !!

Loaning Sample laser Loaning sample laserLoaning sample at customer site.

3. Sourcing Automation product and Spare parts

We are Trading company that have international agent at Japan to find every brand of products that you’re looking for. Please contact our sale person who will make a quotation to you with shortly response (24 H). Our focusing products are Power transmission systems (Speed reducer, Chain, Belt drive, Sprockets, Shafts,Bearing&Coupling), Industrails Machine & Materials for FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System); Conveyor, Carrying & Lift equipment, Motor, Pump, Metal, Engineered Plastic materials. Mechanic&Electronic&Hydraulic&Pneumatic Equipment( PLC,Servo motor, Drive, Actuator, Sensor, Vacuum part, Measuring tool, Hydraulic&Pneumatic Equipment). High Technology Inductrial System Products (a high speed MC (Machining Center), an industrial robot plays an active role and a physical object is a large variety) and so on. ” あなたの工場のための最高のサービス”

Power Transmission_TJ SOLUTIONIndustrails Machine_TJ SOLUTIONMechanic_Electronic_Pneumatic_Hydraulic_TJ SOLUTIONHigh tech_Industrial system_TJ SOLUTION

4. Repair and Replacement

We are not only sale products but also we Repair and find the replacement parts for industry products Drive, Inverter, Control Board, Fanuc, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Toshiba, Hitachi(SJ200, SJ300, L200, L300P), Lenze Inverter model 86xx, 82xx, Servo Drive 92xx (Sync Speed, Sync Position we can fix it), KEB model F4, F5, Danfoss VLT.20xx, VLT.30xx, VLT.28xx, VLT.50xx, VLT.60xx, Microdrive.

Repair danfoss repair Lenze Repair KEB