Full Description


● Gripping force: 450-34150N

● Stroke per jaw: 4 – 30mm

● Types: RZN+50 – RZN+300

● Recom. workpiece weight: 2.2 – 170KG

● Max. finger length: 400MM, Repeatability: 0.03MM, won’t deform.

● Aluminum shield can be applied to enhance the IP rating.

● Slide made of sturdy T-slot, can withstand more torque.

● Can be used with an external mechanical SDV pressure safety valve to ensure that the gripper can continue to work when the air is lost

● High-temperature models are available (maximum up to 1000 ° C).

● Low-temperature, corrosion-resistant models also available on request.

● Perfect with machinery production and suitable for automated production, assemble lines and clean automation environment.