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Xenon Flash

  SUGAWARA LABORATORIES are have Xenon Flash(Stroboscope) model like BS-30, BS-300A, MS-30, MS-300, MS-600 and so on. Harold Edgerton, as a very young man, was intrigued when he saw that lightning flashes made rain drops appear stationary in the air. This discovery marked the beginning of the history of modern stroboscopes. Today, stroboscopes are used not just to measure and observe rotation and motion, but in optical shutters for products incorporating computers and fulfill various functions in industry and in our daily lives.
Sugawara's stroboscopes use xenon flashlamps developed and manufactured in-house. Drawing on the know-how accumulated over many years, Sugawara evaluates each part used in its products, including capacitors, to ensure high product reliability.
Sugawara offers a wide array of stroboscopes, ranging from general-purpose portable products to larger models for use in production lines and laboratories. The flash duration provided by these products ranges from an extremely short 40 nsec to as long as 2 msec.

Small electric motors can be found in a wide range of products that help conserve energy and create comfort and convenience in our lives, including home appliances, audio and visual products, information and communications equipment, and factory automation and other industrial machinery. Small motors are gaining wide recognition as key device for achieving an eco-conscious society for the 21st century. Sugawara's torque dynamometers are widely used to create quiet, ripple-free motors. We believe motor characteristics should be measured with load control systems best-suited to the characteristics of the target motor - a concept that has earned the support of many clients.

Bearing Inspection Systems

Anderon Meters are used to inspect ball bearings, while Wavimeters are used to inspect the finish of bearing parts. Previously used exclusively by bearing manufacturers, these devices are increasingly being brought in-house by those who use bearings, such as motor manufacturers, as the significance of bearing quality control gains wider recognition. Sugawara's Bearing Inspection Systems help reduce the operating noise of home appliances such as air conditioners as well as noise in automobiles. An Anderon Meter can be used to inspect delivered bearing products as well as to determine requisite bearing quality. By developing a high-performance spindle with minimal runout, Sugawara recently commercialized a revolutionary Anderon Meter capable of measuring to an accuracy within 0.1 Anderon. This enables high-accuracy measurements for quieter bearings.





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